Manual football makes a comeback to defeat Central


Manual’s varsity football team runs to the end zone after winning 7-0 against Central in 2019. Photo by Pieper Mallett.

Aliyah Lang

Last night, Manual (1-0) beat Central (0-1) 14-12 in their season opener.

First half:

Central began the game with an early touchdown by Central’s Cameron Jackson (#5, 12) off the opening kick, giving Central a 6-0 lead.

On the other hand, the Crimsons had an early struggle on defense and offense, including a fumble on their first possession.

With 6:48 left in the second quarter, Central’s quarterback, Vernon Duncan (#1, 12) made a sneak play, bringing Central’s early lead to 12-0.

Following Central touchdowns, they went for a two-point conversion both times instead of a kick and were unsuccessful.

Second half:

Despite Manual’s slow and scoreless start to the game, they soon turned their play around.

“During halftime we had to come together and realize that if just have fun and go out there and play the game we love, we will come out on top,” JaWaun Northington (#22,12) said.

Manual’s Darien Wilson (#15, 12) threw a 19-yard pass to Tavon Johnson (#21, 12), which lead to the first touchdown of the night for Manual from a four-yard rush by JaWaun Northington.

Manual’s defense stepped up and led to Central downing a punt at Manual’s 30-yard line, then a deep 69-yard throw from Darien Wilson to Curtis Reardon (#2, 12) at 3:10 in the quarter from a touchdown. After a completed kick by Zach Hutchinson (#88, 11), Manual took the lead 14-12.

For the remainder of the third quarter and the eternity of the fourth quarter, neither team scored a single point.

JaWaun Northington, who usually plays RB (running back) for Manual, checked in on defense to play DE (defensive end) and made the game-sealing play with a sack.

“I always knew that I was a capable defensive player… My team needed me to make a big play so I did,” Northington said.

Next Friday, Manual will travel to play at Floyd Central (IN) kickoff is set at 7.