KHSAA fifth year eligibility explained


Troy Henderson attempts to get around Male’s stingy defense in the Old Rivalry Game in 2014. Photo by Roshan Duggineni.

Aliyah Lang

In February 2021, the Senate Commission introduced Senate Bill 128, the SSYP (Supplemental School Year Program) and signed on March 24 within ACTS chapter 108.

On May 18, the NCAA (National College Athletic Association) approved SSYP for those who initially enrolled in college for the 2021-2022 or 2022-2023 school year only, unless they revise the bill.

Students who were seniors originally during the 2020-2021 school year were granted five years of eligibility since enrollment of freshman year under the SSYP. The supplemental year program excludes any 2020-2021 seniors that graduated mid-year.

To be eligible for the SSYP, students must be full-time, in school for at least four hours daily and take new classes.

The SSYP comprises 2021 seniors for partially missing their athletic seasons during their junior and senior years due to COVID-19, which is when most college recruitment is.

“I signed my letter of intent after the deadline but I plan on trying to get better offers,” Bryce Yates (12, HSU) said.

Bryce Yates and Ramont Townsend are some of the athletes taking advantage of the supplemental year and are both key parts of Manual’s football team the past few years. Bryce plays defensive back for Manual and Townsend plays full/line back.

Though, “reclassifying was the best decision for me because I didn’t have enough games to showcase my talent and make a name for Manual and myself,” Townsend (12, HSU) said.

Additionally, Townsend chose to reclassify for academic reasons he faced within the past year.

“I feel like I didn’t learn a lot on NTI and wasn’t all the way ready for college,” Townsend said.