Manual varsity volleyball upsets Male Bulldogs


Manual’s volleyball team after winning the fourth set and defeating South Oldham. Photo by KC Ciresi.

Weston Corak

Last Tuesday, Manual (8-4) defeated Male (7-5), previous ranked third in state, after a win by the Manual JV team.

Male started with the lead in the first set, and continued it, making it 4-5. After a hit by Male, they increased their lead 6-10 after a setting error by Manual.

Manual was able to cut into their early lead making the set 19-20. However, their efforts were not enough, and Male was able to win the first set 22-25, after a setting error by Manual.

To start the second set, Male took a 5-4 lead, following a hit. Then, Manual was able to take the lead 10-9, following a hit by Ruby Nwosu (#21, 11). Male then was able to take the lead back, 14-15, following an another setting error by Manual.

Despite the back and forth, Manual took the lead 25-22, following a third setting error by Male. This allowed them to win the second set.

Manual trailed 4-5 to start the third set after a hit by Male. Manual was able to gain the lead after a hit by Nya Bunton (#5, 11) and increased their lead 15-12 following a hit by Ruby Nwosu (#21, 12)
Manual continued their lead and won the third set following a hit by Nya Bunton (#5, 11).

“We are going to hold ourselves to really high standards to make sure we repeat games like this,” Molly Bates said.

Manual was able to jump out in front in the fourth set, making the score 5-3 following a setting error by Male. Manual continued their lead, making the score 10-7 after a hit by Ruby Nwosu (#21, 12).

Manual increased their lead 15-8 after a setting error by Male and after key plays by Manual and a few errors by Male, Manual was able to win the fourth set.

“They found a way to find success and manage the game whenever the situation might not have been there for them,” Coach Weaver said.

They will travel to play Central tomorrow (Thursday) with a 6:30 start time.