Volleyball beats Collins on senior night


Manual’s Berkley Humphries going for a bump against Collins.

Weston Corak

Last night, varsity volleyball (20-10) defeated Collins (11-17) on Senior Night.

When the first set started, Manual jumped out to an early lead 5-1 following an error by Collins and continued to expand their lead, increasing it to 10-3, following a setting error by Collins.

Collins began to fight back against Manual but it was no match for the Crimsons, finishing the set 25-16 following an error by Collins.

Manual continued their momentum into the second set, taking an early 5-4  lead, after another setting error by Collins.

Manual and Collins stayed neck and neck with one another, but Manual was able to jump ahead 10-9 after a setting error by Collins. Manual then gave up the lead 14-15, following their first setting error.

Manual was able to regain the lead and rose 20-16 following a hit by Nya Bunton (#5, 11). The team continued to pull ahead, eventually winning the set 25-18 after a hit by Elizabeth Mobley (#18, 10).

Manual began the third set leading 10-8 after an additional Collins serving error and was able to maintain their lead 20-15 following an error by Collins.

Manual continued their domination and was able to get a bounce-back win as they won the third and final set, following sequences of hits from Bunton.

“It was really cool tonight to see how they drove the train, they led the team. Each and every one of them had their own individual contribution that lead to the team’s success,” said Coach Weaver.