R/W Week: Ramstock sets the rhythm of R/W week


Brennan Eberwine

Ramstock-winning band McLovin perform at the pep rally. Photo by Brennan Eberwine.

Michelle Quan, Leo Tobbe

Ramstock, a battle of the bands held in the courtyard that decides which group is going to play at Friday’s Pep Rally, started off the events of this year’s Red/White Week.

A band called Alex + Anna opened Ramstock with singing and acoustic guitar. 

Vulture, a 5-person band, followed with a cover of Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Love.”

“Man, being up on stage. It was great. I loved it. Crowd was going crazy,” Marshall Coomes (10, YPAS) said. “I was grateful to play in front of so many people.”

Like Coomes, DeAven Allen (10, YPAS) loved playing for Ramstock. “It went really good. I was really thrilled to be up there. [There are] a lot of different bands here. I was excited. It was really loud. Things could’ve went (sic) better but overall I think it was a really good event and a really good idea,” the drummer of Lucid Angels said. 

Ramstock’s second duo, the Spice Boys, played the Beatles’ “Can’t Buy Me Love.” 

McLovin, inspired by Superbad’s Fogell’s fake ID name, closed Ramstock. Alex Norton (12, YPAS) from Alex + Anna performed again, but as lead singer instead of guitarist, with “Teenage Dirtbag” by Brendan B. Brown.

“It was awesome. We just went up there and had fun and I think that a lot of people watching us had fun as well,” Alex said.

One of those watchers, Mayze Wesall (10, YPAS) gave their full, honest opinion, “A couple of bands were kind of trash. But, some of them were good. I’m not gonna lie. It was fun.”

McLovin won as the student-voted winner to play at the Pep Rally.