R/W Week 2021: Junior powderpuff defeats seniors in a close game


Senior positioned and ready to take on the juniors in the first quarter. Photo by Yaara Aleissa.

Yaara Aleissa

Last night, the juniors and seniors played each other for the annual powderpuff game, in which the juniors won 31-30.

The game often had flipped in the score, with juniors taking the lead in the first quarter by 0-6. 

By the second quarter, seniors came in headstrong with 16-14, leaving both sides on their toes prepping for a well-fought third quarter. 

The seniors issued their dominance with a 24-14 lead putting them ahead as they entered the third quarter. 

With the game coming down to the final quarter, both teams were cheered by their class pushing them towards the win. By the end of the fourth quarter, the juniors and seniors were neck and neck with a score of 30-30. 

The game resulted in a sudden death competition to see which team could gain more yardage. Quarterback Caley Wade (11, HSU) took the final point during the tie as the juniors gained three yards and seniors gained none, leading the junior team to a 31-30 victory.

Despite their loss, seniors still have a lot to take away, from the pep rally key win their sophomore year to their battled efforts on the field. 

“I put my heart on that field, and I know my teammates did the same…I am so honored to have had the chance to play with such an amazing group of girls. I love them with all my heart,” Vy Pham (12, HSU).