R/W Week: Students enjoy carnival festivities


KC Ciresi

Students run activity to activity as they enjoy their first Red/White Week carnival in two years.

KC Ciresi

Executive Council held their annual carnival yesterday afternoon as part of the R/W Week celebrations. Although food was not available to everyone due to COVID-19 regulations, Executive Council still found a way to incorporate individually wrapped snacks as prizes in some of their games.

Due to cooler weather conditions the dunk tank event was canceled, but there were other numerous games to play such as target soccer, an obstacle course, inflatable gladiator jousting, ball toss, connect four, hula hoops, a duck pond with prizes and much more.

“The carnival is very fun,” Abby Gentner (9, MST) said. “I love all the games and it’s really fun to hang out with my friends.” Gentner’s favorite game was the duck pond.

“I did the jousting and then the race and those are probably my two favorites,” Tye Medley (11, HSU) said. “Since we’ve missed out two years, I’m excited Red/White Week is back.”

Seniors are also excited to celebrate their last Red/White Week in-person.

“My favorite part is getting to hang out with my friends in my costume and seeing everyone else’s costumes,” Keeley James (12, MST) said. “I did the duck pond and the Kerplunk and won both on the first try.”

“Being a senior, I realize I’m never going to have this opportunity again,” she adds. “This is the first time I’ve gone to all of the events and dressed up everyday and I’m having a blast!”

Executive council was very pleased with the turnout of the carnival, having to tell students it was time to get to your rides almost half an hour after the event had ended.

“I think it went very well,” Executive Council member Andres Aguirre (12, MST) said. “We had a great turn out at Ramstock and this carnival started out pretty huge and has been consistent so that’s been awesome.”

“I was a little disappointed we couldn’t do food this year because of COVID, but I thought the games went great and we had very good attendance and kids had a good time,” one of Executive Council’s sponsors, Mr. Morris, said. “I ran jousting so I saw a lot of that, which was great, and anytime we have inflatables it’s a fun time.”