R/W Week: The Crimsons fall to the Bulldogs in rainy rivalry football game


Ofelia Mattingly

Students look on as the 2021 Male/Manual game begins. Photo by Ofelia Mattingly.

Michelle Quan

The Old Rivalry returned to Manual Stadium on a rainy Friday night as the No. 1 Male Bulldogs faced the No. 3 Manual Crimsons. The Bulldogs beat the Crimsons with a score of 23-0 as part of the longstanding rivalry to win the barrel.

The Crimsons maintained their defense but fell short on the offensive end. As the first quarter started, the scoreboard quickly turned in the Bulldogs’ favor, 7-0. By the time the first quarter ended, the scoreboard remained the same. 

“To be honest, we just beat ourselves up. We weren’t playing our best,” Bryce Ealey (#53, HSU) said. “I’d say the best game we played was Ballard. We should have readvised everything we played in that game— all our plays— and focused up.”

Bulldogs scored their second touchdown of the game in the second quarter, furthering their lead 14-0. 

After a halftime performance by Manual’s Dazzlers followed by the marching band, the Bulldogs scored a field goal in the third quarter, making the score 17-0. 

The Bulldogs assured their win in the last quarter after scoring another touchdown. The game ended 23-0, resulting in Male keeping the barrel until its holder is contested again next year. Daniel Swinney (#7, 11), Male’s running back, won MVP. 

This loss has not robbed the Crimsons of their motivation. 

“I got (sic) faith in my team,” Montana McLain Watts (#13, HSU) said. “We’re gonna come back better—focus on the playoffs. We’re not focused on Male right now; we’re focused on PRP.”

The Crimsons play again this Friday.