YPAS set to debut their winter musical “Elf”


Guest Contributor

“Elf: The Musical” cast member Alex Hartz (10, YPAS) gets mic’d up before running rehearsals on the Main Stage. Photo by Lily Cashman.

Guest Contributor

This piece was submitted by Lily Cashman (10, J&C).

YPAS is debuting their performance of “Elf: The Musical” (Green cast) on Friday, November 19th on the YPAS Main Stage. A total of eight shows will follow, switching between the Green and Red Casts and concluding on December 5. COVID safety protocols, including masks, will be mandated inside the theater. You can purchase tickets here for $15 per adult, $10 per student/senior, or $8 for children under the age of 10. 

Clark Worden (11, YPAS) is playing Walter Hobbs (Buddy’s dad), and explains that they chose “Elf” because it is a happy show and they thought the world could use the happiness. “It’s a large cast and seeing a lot of people on stage is really exciting, especially coming out of this time,” Worden said. 

Cast members say it was challenging to be away from the arts over quarantine. “My art is the way I express myself through characters, so it was really hard not to have a space to do that,” Worden said.  

COVID restrictions also brought new challenges to rehearsals, but the students didn’t let them get in their way. Liv Ashley (10, YPAS) is preparing for her first YPAS performance ever. She said the hardest part has been wearing masks, since it makes it more difficult to tell the story. “We have really had to buckle down and focus,” Ashley said. 

With opening night just days away, Travis O’Daniel (12, YPAS) is feeling more prepared than ever, stating that he “can’t wait to be back performing on stage”. 

O’Daniel is playing Buddy the Elf in the Red cast and asks that everyone comes to support YPAS. “If you loved the movie, you’re gonna love the musical, all the greatest hits are in there,” O’Daniel said. He’s most excited for everyone to see the intricate and up-beat dance numbers that are sure to be “show-stoppers”.

Worden explains that coming to see the musical is more important than many believe. “People should learn to appreciate local artists and theaters more,” Worden said. With “Elf: The Musical” being their first performance back from COVID, he hopes to see a lot of people enjoying themselves in the audience. 

The students are the ones that “make everything come to life,” said director and YPAS Musical Theater teacher Julie Evans. She can’t wait for everyone to see what the cast has been working so hard on.