Manual reacts to Taylor Swift’s new rereleased album


KC Ciresi

After less than a week of being released, Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version) top song has over 31 million views. Screenshot by KC Ciresi.

KC Ciresi

This past weekend, Taylor Swift rereleased her 2012 fourth studio album, Red, including never released songs, a 10 minute version of the song “All Too Well” and a short film to accompany the song. 

Her listeners responded, crashing Spotify at midnight when the album was released. The short film also has over 38 million views on Youtube less than a week after its release. 

Manual has also responded to this album, with many “Swifties” finding it is all they can talk about.

“It’s just a rollercoaster of an album,” Liv Ashley (10, YPAS) said. “So many emotions and it still just works, no matter the different emotions, it’s so amazing.”

Liv is a long-time Taylor Swift enthusiast, and has gone to eight of her concerts. “I’ve just always just loved her music and she’s always inspired me,” she said. 

When speaking about the 10 minute version of “All Too Well,” Liv is disappointed it wasn’t released in the first place. “It is so raw and so honest,” she said. 

Josie Partin (12, HSU) is also enjoying the releases. “I feel like it is a really great throwback because a lot of these songs are very nostalgic,” they said. “It’s nice to hear some of the small changes she’s made in her rerecordings.”

Josie expressed their happiness with the album in general. “I definitely think it’s great that she’s rerecording and I am also glad that they stay true to both the original song and Taylor’s creative direction.”

I loved her music so much and I remember me, my mom and my sister all huddling together binge watching her music videos,” Pepper Fox (10, VA) said. “I just love Taylor Swift’s writing and it truly hits everytime I just believe she’s so talented.” 

Mia Sellers (12, HSU) was blown away by the album. “I’ve been obsessed with Taylor Swift since I was a little girl. Some of my earliest memories were me dancing around my room with her music on full blast or in the car with my mom,” she said. “No other artist has been able to feel me as much as she does with her song writing.”

She also emphasized the emotions of the time in between the original and new release of the album. “Now that I’m older and have a better understanding of life and love, her songs connect with me on such a deeper level,” she explained. “Red was never my favorite album when I was a kid but now that she’s re-released it, I realize now this is some of the best work she’s ever written.”

Like listeners all over the world, Sellers jumped on Spotify to listen the day the album came out. “ On November 12, I took a drive so that I could listen to the album and the whole time I was on a roller coaster of happiness, sadness and shock,” she said. “Her music just really spoke to me, especially since I’m going through a difficult time in my life.”

Along with many other students, “All Too Well” the 10 minute version is one of Seller’s favorite songs on the album. “The new verses added so much more character and story to the song,” she explained. “I honestly thought that it was going to be too long or drawn out but it was really good. It’s as Taylor intended it to be and it was beautiful and left me speechless.”

Ashley was just as passionate about the short film for the song. “I was shocked at some of the things she said and I felt empowered because she didn’t hold back at all,” Liv explained. 

Partin is just as pleased. “I felt very moved, I think both she and the actors did a really good job communicating the message that Taylor was trying to send about power imbalances in romantic relationships,” they said.

This album being rereleased brought back a plethora of emotions for both lifetime “Swifties” and new listeners. Manual Taylor Swift lovers encourage those who have not listened to the album yet. “I think the Red album is truly a masterpiece and probably one of her best albums overall. She puts it perfectly, calling it a mosaic of feelings that somehow all fit together,” Sellers said. “There’s songs that make you feel happy and free while others tug on your heartstrings and make you cry. She’s written like this her whole life but I don’t think her other albums hit home as hard as Red does.”