Cheap holiday gift ideas


Ofelia Mattingly

There are many items to gift to your friends and family. Graphic by Ofelia Mattingly.

Ofelia Mattingly

There’s plentiful shopping options around Louisville, which comes in handy during the holiday season. Target, various malls, Amazon and others offer a wide selection of items to browse. However, you don’t have to break the bank to show friends and family your appreciation and thanks. Here are some cheap gift ideas for the loved ones in your life. 

Board Games

Board games are a nice way to bond with friends and family members. Stores like Target, Walmart and Meijer have a variety of different types like “The Game of Life” and “Trivial Pursuit.” Pick up something new and unique or stick with a classic.  


Books are a great gift, especially for those who enjoy reading or who have expressed wanting to have quiet downtime. Notice what genre the individual tends towards or select an option based on their interests. Half-Price books, Carmichael’s, Book & Music Exchange and the Fat Rabbit are some of the better selections for price and quality.  

Hygienic Items

Who doesn’t enjoy a lovely scent or self care oriented gift? Hand sanitizer, soaps, body wash are all great gift ideas. Bath bombs give a splash of color, fun and bubbles to those who enjoy taking baths. Stores like Bath & Body Works and Buff City Soaps are reputable and offer many sales/discounts. 

Home Décor Items

Paintings, plants and tapestries are a nice addition to spice up your home. That’s why decor items are great gifts, as it’s an easy thing to find and can brighten your recipients day when they notice a beautiful object on display in their house and are reminded of your all’s relationship. Succulents are a popular home item, giving a touch of color in a low maintenance manner. 

Gift cards

Gift cards are easy to find and can be a modest amount. There are a variety of different cards to get, ranging from restaurants to clothing stores or online gaming platform credits. If you’re not sure what type of gift card to buy the recipient, simply get a VISA or Amazon card. That way they’re able to purchase whatever they’d like. 

Personalized items

Items that have a personal touch will almost always be appreciated by the recipient, whether it be a candle, custom water bottle or pool towel. Create something with your own hands or browse Etsy for select options. No matter how small it may be, the effort will be apparent.