YPAS student aspirations after high school


Molly Gregory

Ashanti Groves (12, YPAS) sings a beautiful solo.

Isabella Bonilla

There are only two schools in Kentucky that specialize in teaching performing arts like vocal music, instrumental music (encompassing band, orchestra, piano and guitar), dance, theatre and design and production (technical theatre).

YPAS opened in 1978 and operates in conjunction with Manual, with students having to face a rigorous audition and application process for potential admittance. The students of YPAS have to balance both their arts and traditional academic schedules, being no stranger to running back and forth between the two buildings, regardless of weather conditions or other extraneous circumstances. 

What do these students plan to pursue after high school? Will they continue their education in the arts or take on a different path in life? RedEye conducted an online Instagram questionnaire to gain some insight from YPAS students. 

The majority of students who responded to the questionnaire answered how many would assume: actor/actress, professional musician and singer/songwriter. However, there were definitely a variety of answers present.

Meredith Grace (YPAS, 11) explained her dream of becoming a screenwriter and actor, while Demi H. (YPAS, 12) expressed wanting to be an actress and theatre entrepreneur. 

“I want to be a band director up in New York or in Brooklyn to help teach underprivileged kids music,” Chris (YPAS,10)  wrote. 

Other students want to take what they’ve learned and indirectly apply it to their careers, instead of directly pursuing the professional arts themselves. Emma Coxx (YPAS, 11) wishes to be a music therapist, while Ellis Ansell (YPAS, 12) wants to be a music/audio producer.  

Some students intend to go after completely different avenues. Sarah Plappert (YPAS, 9) and Avery Armstrong (YPAS, 9) want to be an interior designer and pediatric nurse, respectively. Liv Ashley (YPAS, 11) expressed how she wants to be a sports journalist. 

No matter where these students end up or where their journey takes them, they can all benefit from the life lessons and skills this school has taught them. The four years spent at YPAS includes a heavy and diverse workload, mental and physical challenges, as well as quite a deal of organizational skills. 

Those who plan to pursue a performing arts related major can benefit from checking out YPAS scholarship information. The school and its parent booster club, The Producers, have multiple funding opportunities available. Students should ask their counselor, teachers or even alumni for more information. 

Look out for a more comprehensive and representative article about YPAS student aspirations in the future.