Jack Harlow’s latest single on the Billboard Top 100

Harlows cover art for his single First Class

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Harlow’s cover art for his single “First Class”

Kaelin Gaydos

Jack Harlow released his latest single, “First Class” on Friday, April 8. The song could be found all over his social media pages and went viral before it even hit streaming services. The song has a low, chill beat in the background with a softer tone than most of his other works. The lyrics focus on living a luxurious lifestyle of fame.

Since its release, “First Class” has sat mostly at No. 2 on the Top 100 Billboard, beat out only by Harry Styles’ most recent single, “As It Was,” which was released April 1. 

Harlow sampled Fergie’s 2006 song “Glamorous” in his single, citing the female artist as having a huge impact on his career. 

“I grew up loving Fergie, she literally inspired me. I have a strong artistic connection to Fergie,” Harlow said in an interview at the Kids Choice Awards, which took place a day after his single was officially released.

The crossover was a shock to most people, as Fergie’s influence hasn’t noticeably made an appearance in his music until now. Harlow said he would love to work with Fergie more in the future and had been waiting a while to include one of her samples. 

 Harlow was also nominated for Favorite Breakout Artist at the Kids Choice Awards and, although not winning the category, posted on his Instagram that performing his songs alone at the event was a bucket list moment.


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Manual students had mixed feelings about “First Class”. Some thought it was mid, some thought it overrated and others said they really enjoyed it. 

“Obviously not too original, but how can you not love a Jack Harlow song!” Riley Roberts (9, J&C) said.

“Good hook, maybe best hook of the year so far, but verses are lackluster,” Nicholas Bowman (11, MST) said.

“I liked it; I really enjoyed the beat,” Nate Bishop (9, HSU) said.

“Mid but excited for his new album,” Iman Dashti (12, MST) said.

Harlow’s second studio album, “Come Home the Kids Miss You,” will be released on Friday, May 6. The album will feature the artist’s latest single, as well as another single “Nail Tech,” which came out a few months ago. “Nail Tech” reached the Billboard Top 100 as well, but only reached a high of No. 18. Perhaps Harlow’s most notable work was his collaboration hit “Industry Baby,” in which Lil Nas X was the lead singer. 

Jack Harlow is headlining Forecastle and is set to play on Friday, May 27 (opening night). You can purchase tickets on their website and decide for yourself how you feel about this local star.