Crimsons topple Trojans during their visit to North Hardin


Morgan Schmidt

Two Manual Players embrace after scoring a touchdown. Photo by Morgan Schmidt

Morgan Schmidt

First Half:

The Crimsons started the game with solid energy. Right after the kickoff, Amare Townsend (#5, 12) intercepted a pass, running the ball right inside midfield. Within 5 minutes of the interception, Zahron (Zeek) Washburn (#22, 11) forced his way into the endzone on a rushing play, giving the Rams a 7-0 lead.

After the touchdown, the Trojans made their way down the field before the Rams defense forced them to punt around the 50-yard line. The punt was unsuccessful for the Trojans, the attempt being blocked by Jaylen A Hayes (#44, 10), putting the Crimsons into scoring position right inside the 10-yard line. 

In the next drive, Zahron (Zeek) Washburn (#22, 11) rushed into the endzone, making his second touchdown of the night. This put Manual in the lead, 13-0.

North Hardin attempted to get into scoring position again. Still, it was cut short by the Rams’ pressure defense, allowing the Crimsons to regain possession. Soon after, Eli Creech (#10, 11) connected with Jeremiah Blakey (#11, 12) for a touchdown. The extra point was successful, extending the lead. At this point, Manual was leading 27-0.

When asked about what parts of the game led to success, Zahron (Zeek) Washburn (#22, 11) said “A lot of ups we had, we were running the ball a lot, got a lot of good passes off the down.”

The Trojans finally getting some yard gainage and making their way down the field was abruptly cut short by an interception for the Rams by Jeremiah Blakey (#11, 12) with under a minute left in the half. 

At the end of the first half, Manual still led 27-0.


Second half:

The third quarter started with little energy compared to how the Crimsons came out at the beginning of the game.

North Hardin right on the start made a fumble recovery on a failed handoff between Tyree Stoner ( #7, 9) and Zahron (Zeek) Washburn (#22, 11). 

“Naturally this was his first game, so he just needed to get out there and feel like what is to be on varsity,” Washburn said. 

This time when the Trojans pushed the Rams down the field, Shaun Boykins (#3, 12) was tackled in the end zone for their first touchdown of the night. The point after touchdown was unsuccessful, the score now 27-6.

The rest of the third quarter was discouraging for the team, the next possession for the Crimsons ending with an interception for the Trojans on a pass between Tyree Stoner (#7,9) and Jeremiah Blakey (#11,12). 

The last quarter was back and forth with possession for the Crimsons and Trojans. The energy was slowly coming back to the bench as the Rams began to increase their defense. With under two minutes left in the game, Tyree Stoner (#7, 9) connected with Jeremiah Blakey (#11, 12) for another six points. Extra point unsuccessful, Manual led 33-6.

Amare Townsend (#5,12) intercepted the ball, ending the game. The Crimsons defeated the Trojans 33-6.  

The Rams will be back home next Friday night, September 9th, to play Valley at 7:30 p.m.