Crimsons have commanding victory over Valley in homecoming game


Ava Blair

The students ran to the fence at the end of the game to congratulate the players

Ava Blair

The Crimsons defeated the Valley Vikings 47-0 in the homecoming game on Friday night at Manual Stadium.

First Half:

The Vikings received the kickoff at the beginning of the game but were not able to score and had to punt. The Crimsons returned the punt to the Vikings’ eight-yard line setting up a 1st and Goal. A touchdown was scored by Kedrean Yarnell (#13, 9) and the extra point was completed by Cole Seraphine (#91, 9) making the score 7-0.

The Crimsons scored twice more in the first quarter while holding off the Vikings. The second touchdown was scored by Cameron Jesse (#19, 10). The last touchdown of the quarter was by Howard Gant (#6, 12). Seraphine completed both extra points bringing the score to 21-0 at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter kicked off with an eighteen-yard pass from Tyree Stoner (#7, 9) to Latterian Spencer (#85, 9) for a Crimson touchdown. 

Gerian Traynor (#37, 9) scored for the Crimsons’ on their next drive. The score was now 35-0 and a running clock was applied for the rest of the game.

Head Coach Donnie Stoner explained that the game was mainly freshman and sophomore dominated to give the more experienced players a break since it is five weeks into the season and the coming games will be more difficult than prior ones. 

It was also to give the younger players more on-field experience because they will be important to the team in the coming years. “Those guys are coming along well,” Stoner said. “We wanted to give them guys some experience and get them better at this level.”


Halftime began with a performance from the Manual Dazzlers. It was then followed by a presentation of the homecoming court winners. Homecoming king and queen must be seniors but the prince and princess nominees can be juniors or sophomores. 

Homecoming king came down to one vote but Trent Bowman, representing the marching band, won. Audrey Leachman, nominated for lacrosse, won alongside him as queen. 

The title of homecoming princess went to Brooke Reed, a Dazzler. The title of prince went to Noah Stewart, for boys lacrosse. Stewart explained his experience of winning prince by saying, “I was really excited, it was just a great feeling!”

Halftime concluded with a performance from the Crimson Sound, the marching band, alongside the colorguard. 


Second Half:

The Crimsons got the ball first in the second half but did not score until there were five minutes left in the third quarter. Grayson Delgado (#17, 10) ran a quarterback sneak and scored a touchdown. “So it was a bad snap and I felt it, I was like (obscenity) here we go, and I kinda just took off and went,” Delgado said.

Neither team scored for the next few drives. The game came to an end after the Rams scored one more touchdown, bringing the final score up to 47-0. 

“What we learned tonight was about just good character and how to do business and play our brand of football,” Coach Stoner said.

The Crimsons (4-0) will face off against La Salle (2-2) at home next Friday at 7:30.