The Crimsons fall to St. Xavier, first loss of the season


Morgan Schmidt

Center Drew McClure (#51, 12) prepares to snap the ball

Morgan Schmidt, Ava Blair

Friday night, the Crimsons lost for the first time this season to the top ranked Saint Xavier Tigers. The final score was 10-21.

First Half:

The Crimsons received the first half kickoff but were unsuccessful in scoring and punted the ball. 

The Tigers then got the ball and fumbled. Miles Rhodes (#13, 12) recovered the fumble for the Crimsons which resulted in a touchdown. The score was 7-0 after an extra point was completed by kicker Parker Friedman (#34,10). 

After the play the Rams held all the energy and momentum. Three more drives went scoreless until Manual got into field goal range and successfully added three more points to the board. 

St. Xavier finally responded to the Crimsons by putting up a touchdown by Zach Marks (#4,12) and extra point at the end of the first half. The score was 7-10 with a Crimson lead.

Second Half:

Going into the second half,  the Rams still held the momentum but as the third quarter was scoreless, both sides’ energy died until Manual recovered a fumble about halfway into the quarter. 

After a failed drive attempt by Manual, St. X gained possession and took the ball straight to the end zone, the Tigers taking the lead 14-10.

The rest of the game was quiet for the Crimsons with St. Xavier carrying now the momentum and energy. 

“Our fans were hype all night, we couldn’t ask for a better fan base or a better crowd. They kept us hype all night.” Braydon Underwood (#32, 10) expressed after the game.

With 5 minutes left in the game, St. X missed a field goal. Manual regained possession but failed to drive down the field. The Tiger’s defense held strong.

The Tigers got the ball back and locked in their lead with Davis Yates (#26,11) scoring their last points of the night, with two minutes left to go. 

Crimsons regained energy and ability to score but failed.