Crimsons prove victorious against PRP


Katie Dikes

The students run down to the fence to congratulate the team

Katie Dikes

The Rams defeated the Panthers 28-19 last night at Manual Stadium. The game was a designated pink out by the Crimson Crazies to honor breast cancer awareness week. 

First Half:

In the first quarter of the first half, PRP was first to score. With a little under seven minutes to go, Santana Crayton (#8, 11) caught a 53-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Kayden Anderson (#5, 12). PRP then led 7-0.

Shortly after the Panthers’ first touchdown, Manual responded with their own touchdown. Zeek Washburn (#22, 11) ran for a 51-yard touchdown. Extra point by Parker Friedman (#34, 10) was successful. Score was tied 7-7 with a little under five minutes in the first quarter. 

During the second quarter, PRP was again the first to put more points on the board. Anderson (#5, 12) threw a 7-yard touchdown pass to Jakob Dixon (#1, 12). Extra point attempt was blocked by the Manual defense/special teams. PRP then led 13-7, with about 8 minutes to go in the second quarter.


Under a minute later, Zeek Washburn (#22, 11) ran again for a 53-yard touchdown. Extra point attempt by Friedman (#34, 10) was good. Manual took the lead for the first time, leading the panthers 14-13 with a little under eight minutes in the second quarter. 

PRP answered with another touchdown by Dixon (#1, 12). Outjumping a pair of Manual defenders, he caught a 12-yard touchdown reception, putting PRP back in the lead. Instead of kicking an extra point attempt, PRP tried for a two-point conversion, but it was unsuccessful; Manual’s defense/special teams intercepted the ball. Score was 19-14, with less than six minutes to go in the second quarter. PRP was in the lead.


Halftime began with a performance by the Dazzlers. Following that, several breast cancer survivors representing both Manual and PRP were honored on the field. Carrying flowers and smiling brightly, all the women were met with a standing applause, surrounded by their family and friends. Donations funding breast cancer research were collected by both Manual and PRP fans.

Second Half:

Manual was the first to put points on the board during the second half, with Zeek Washburn (#22, 11) running a 13-yard touchdown rush. Extra point attempt by Friedman (#34, 10) was successful. The Rams led PRP 21-19. 

With a little under six and a half minutes in the fourth quarter, Zeek Washburn (#22, 11) scored once again, running for a 17-yard touchdown. Extra point attempt by Friedman (#34, 10) was again successful. Manual stretched out their lead by seven more points. 

The Crimsons’ defense was all over PRP during the second half, and PRP did not score again during the game. Jeremiah Blakey (#12, 11) even intercepted the ball with four minutes and forty-five second left in the fourth quarter, signaling the sure end to the game. He later said he simply just “read [the play] and caught the ball” and was super “hyped” about it. 

PRP wasn’t backing down quite yet, though, as they intercepted the ball a few minutes later. However, it wasn’t enough to cause any damage. 

The Crimsons won, with the final score being 28-19.