Crimsons advance to Semi-Final after win over Collegiate


Morgan Schmidt

The players line up on the field next to their opponents

Morgan Schmidt

The varsity field hockey team will advance to the Semi-Finals in the KHSAA State Tournament after defeating Collegiate 2-0 Thursday night.

First Half:

Manual started very strong, keeping possession and control of the ball throughout the first quarter. With many failed corner shots and defense staying strong on both ends, both teams were left scoreless.

The second quarter started very similarly with both teams staying even, the Crimsons still having trouble with the corner shots which left the scoreboard unchanged. With about 9 minutes left in the half, Manual’s Sophie Young (#13,11) scored off a rebound from a saved corner shot made by Collegiate keeper Eliza Lewis (#90, 8).
For the rest of the half, Collegiate pushed the Crimsons to try to successfully tie the game before halftime. They were unsuccessful, ending the half with a Crimson lead.

Second Half:

Start of the second half, Manual brought the same intensity they had begun with.

Both teams went back and forth, trying to add to the score, but were unsuccessful during the third quarter. 

Manual and Collegiate both began to slow down, becoming sloppy during the fourth quarter. Each teams struggled on scoring on all corner plays.

Senior and Captain Macy Carmony (#15, 12) gave her thoughts on the Crimsons’ corner plays for the night. “I think the execution was good, but following through and cleaning up the pass. We followed the game plan with the corner plans really well, and executed it well,” she said.

As time winded down with the Rams still holding the lead, Collegiate started to put on the gas and push Manual.

The Crimsons still held their ground and continued to push back. The end of the game was played in the midfield with both sides struggling to gain control on their own end. 

With less than a minute left to go, the Crimsons gained a fast break ending with a goal made by Ellie Neil (#6,12) assisted by Julia May (#8,11).

Manual won the game on a 2-0 shutout.

“I think staying with our game plan, listening to our coaches, and the intensity that won us tonight.” Macy Carmony said about continuing into the next round of the tournament.

Manual plays Sacred Heart on Saturday, October 22 at CAL; game time is at 7:30 pm.