R/W Week 2022: Decades Day


Kaelin Gaydos

A large group of students dress up in their 90s costumes.

Kaelin Gaydos

R/W Week kicked off on Monday with Decades Day. Both students and teachers came to school dressed up in costumes from a variety of decades and even centuries, ranging from the time of the Crusade all the way up to current day. Everyone expressed their excitement for dressing up and for R/W Week altogether.

“It’s fun to see the hallways all decorated. [I’m excited for] costume day because I’m going to be Taylor Swift,” said.

“So I took a different take on the theme, I’m actually just an old man,” Carter Betts (12, VA) shared.

“I’m dressed up as someone from the 80s. I do like this decade a lot, it’s very unique. I’ve seen a lot of decades represented, 2000s, even some people dress up in 1700s costumes, which is very funny,” Madison Fetcher (11, HSU) said.

“I’m like 90s biker chic, like Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee had a kid. I do [like Decades Day], I don’t like the celebrity one though. I think the juniors and sophomores and some of the freshmen are really lame because they didn’t dress up,” Gabby Simons (12, VA) said.

As the rest of R/W Week progresses, students can dress up for the remaining themes and attend the before/after school activities to get in the Manual spirit.