UofL football ends regular season with disappointing loss against the Wildcats


UofL will play Cincinnati in the Fenway Bowl on Dec. 17. Photo courtesy of WDRB

Kaelin Gaydos

The University of Louisville’s regular football season wrapped up a few weekends ago after their loss against the University of Kentucky. Unfortunately, the Cards didn’t excel this year and fans are disappointed with the team’s ranking this season.

Within the ACC Atlantic Conference, Louisville finished a mediocre 4th out of seven teams and have a record of 7-5. The Cards have lost to teams occupying the top three spots in the conference, which include Clemson, Florida State and Syracuse. The team also unfortunately fell victim to a huge upset, where they were defeated by Boston College, which is now ranked last in the conference.

UofL’s loss to Clemson was especially tragic for the team. The Cards were predicted to win the game by a long shot, but the team’s strongest players performed poorly, and this performance seemed to carry over to the rest of the season.

In addition to lackluster performance in the ACC, Louisville had a poor showing against in-state rival Kentucky. The rivalry has been going on for over a hundred years, with fans constantly in debate over which team is better. The Wildcats have dominated the rivalry, winning 37 games while the Cards have brought home the win for just 17. This year was the same; UofL lost for the fourth year in a row, 13-26.

However, UofL Head Coach Scott Satterfield is still proud of the work his team put in this season and all the wins they had.

“We’ve had some great wins, and done some really good things, went 5-1 at Cardinal Stadium this year. That was awesome,” Satterfield said in an interview with the Courier Journal. 

Although many of Louisville’s players are disappointed by the outcome of the game against Kentucky, they are ready to get back to work and come back stronger next year.

“I think we just take this game, we build on from it… We’ve got to go into the offseason, just get ready to work,” Defensive Back Josh Minkins said.

The next step for the Cards is to prepare for their bowl game against University of Cincinnati on Dec. 17 at Fenway Stadium.