Meet Head Coach Scott Teeter of Louisville Lacrosse


Scott Teeter is preparing to start his sixth year as head coach of the Louisville Lacrosse team. Photo courtesy of Louisville Athletics

Morgan Schmidt

Scott Teeter of the Louisville lacrosse team is about to begin his sixth year as head coach of the D-1 level team and his 20th year as a head coach.

Coach Teeter grew up in Canada and played lacrosse, ice hockey and baseball throughout his teenage years. However, lacrosse was his main focus and he received a scholarship to continue with the sport in college. During his studies, he qualified for work-study applied to be a team manager for a women’s lacrosse team. 

Before coming to Louisville, Teeter worked as the Head Coach of the University of Canisius team for 17 years, which he successfully led to six conference titles. The university hired Teeter at the height of his success, which he still hopes to continue. 

The Women’s Lacrosse World Championship was held this past summer in Towson, Maryland. Louisville had 10 participants present, including Teeter’s, even as he remained the Head Coach of Canada’s Senior team. Teeter has been a part of team Canada since 2009.

“It’s great, we had the largest number of alumni and currently athletes from a college program playing in the world cup.” Teeter said.

The game of lacrosse has grown in the last two decades. Rules, regulations and number of players has changed significantly. One of the most significant changes is the restraining lines set on the field to restrict the number of players beyond a certain point. There used to be no restrictions of how many field players could be in the offensive or defensive end. This rule was adopted in 2006 and the term was coined “hard boundaries”.

“The evolution of the game mainly comes from the evolution of equipment. The girls can do a lot more with their stick than they ever have, and the skill set of the athletes,” Teeter said. 

Since Louisville Lacrosse has recruited worldwide, styles of lacrosse, the experience received and surrounding competition can vary depending on where players are from. When putting a team together, especially a college team, the skill or style of a player can range.

“It’s different styles and putting them all together. That’s what coaching is, it’s taking everything and putting everyone on the same page.” Coach said.

The womens’ athletics at Louisville have continued to be spotlighted because of their success. As the lacrosse team moves into their season the spotlight is a help for Teeter and his team. His hope is for people to see the talent produced by the players on and off the field. 

“It’s outstanding,” Teeter said on the women’s athletics at the university.

Louisville Lacrosse begins their season February 10th at 1 pm, playing at UofL Lacrosse Stadium.