Lady Crimsons dominate over Ballard in last regular season game


Katie Dikes

Several players from both teams reach up to grab the ball. Photo by Katie Dikes

Katie Dikes

On Friday, Manual’s girls’ varsity basketball team defeated the Ballard Bruins in their last regular season game. The game was designated jersey night by the Crimson Crazies. 

The game kicked off in the Crimsons’ favor as they scored the first points of the night and continued to rule the game on both sides of the ball. Ballard ended up scoring their first points at the foul line. However, Manual’s defense continuously remained strong, and with a timeout on the floor at the three minute mark, Manual led Ballard 12-2. By the end of the first quarter, Manual increased their lead by 13, making the score 18-5. 

The Lady Crimsons’ defense remained very strong throughout the first half and prevented Ballard from scoring. Lots of steals and strong blocking helped Manual increase their lead, but at the same time, dropped balls and out-of-bounds passes stalled the Crimsons. At halftime, the score was 35-11. 

At the start of the second half, Ballard tried to stand their ground, but Manual’s defense was strong. Though the ball was continuously passed back and forth, Manual increased their lead even more. The score by the end of the third quarter was 48-20. 

In the last quarter, the Lady Crimsons continued to remain strong on both sides of the ball, as they had done in the previous quarters. In the final quarter, Ashlinn James (#13, 9) stole the ball and scored several three-pointers in numerous plays, solidifying Manual’s lead even further. With under two and a half minutes to go, the Crimsons led Ballard 65-26. Ballard was only able to score four more points in the game, leaving Manual victorious. 

The final score was 68-31.