Manual RedEye

Editorial: Advice on dealing with death and grief

Carolyn Brown

October 18, 2011

Really — trust me — it’s okay.It’s okay if you’re the only one not talking. It’s okay if you don’t want to acknowledge anything. It’s okay if people tell you talking will make y...

Video postcard to Mr. Vaught

October 18, 2011

When the Manual CMA community heard that Mr. Vaught had been diagnosed with brain cancer, they decided to create a video offering get-well wishes. The project was coordinated by Kelsee Bryant (12).   Remembering Mr. Vaught Mr. Vaught's sudden passing Memorial:...

Poems to Mr. Vaught

Julian E. Wright

October 18, 2011

by Kijana Beauchamp Outspoken, beyond words, a man of unspoken love, one wishing you well, supplying you hugs. Funny personality, a lovable man, someone who was always lending a hand. “Own The Moment” was his motto, ...

Our memories of Mr. Vaught: Morgan Loy and Tian Chan

Tian Chan

October 18, 2011

Poodle skirts, go-go boots, and tie dye shirts colored the Manual hall ways on this Tuesday morning. Cameras captured the many smiling students dressed as their favorite decades. We thought this was going to be another exciting day ...

Memorial: Mr. Clint Vaught is remembered as a layered man and life-changing mentor

Eliza Coleman

October 18, 2011

The students at duPont Manual High School will tell you he was a quirky, energetic teacher that connected to them on a personal level. The faculty will tell you that he was one of the most dedicated teachers the school has ev...

Manual teacher Mr. Clint Vaught passes away after complications with brain cancer

Zoe Schaver

October 18, 2011

A faltering voice came over the intercom shortly after first block began, far removed from the usual tone of the morning announcements. Mr. Wooldridge broke the news: Mr. Clint Vaught (Oral Communications and Debate) passed away...

When Great Trees Fall: A Memorial to Clint Vaught

Julian E. Wright

October 18, 2011

A great poem by Maya Angelou entitled When Great Trees Fall provides refuge for most in times of grief, a place of serenity when it seems that nothing is left. She gracefully writes how when the greatest fall, the effect is t...

Mr. Vaught is diagnosed with brain cancer

Tabitha Awoniyi

September 29, 2011

During class on September 19, Mr. Clint Vaught's (Oral Comm. & Debate) students noticed something was a little off when, while performing an example monologue, Vaught began to slur his speech, and the students couldn't understand...