Manual RedEye

SBDM meets March 7 to discuss a proposed name change by the CMA department

Kelsi White

March 9, 2012

Manual’s Site Based Decision Making (SBDM) committee met on March 7 to discuss a proposed name change for the Communications and Media Arts (CMA) program to take place at the start of the 2013-2014 school year. The program would...

SBDM holds a special meeting to discuss new African-American history course

Kelsi White

February 24, 2012

The Site Based Decision Making Council called a special meeting on Thursday, February 16 to run through a second reading of a proposed African American History course for the 2012-2013 school year. The class would discuss an ...

SBDM discusses new class proposals

Kelsi White

December 16, 2011

The Site Based Decision Making council met December 7 to discuss the possible implementation of two additional classes to students' choice of electives for the following school years. The first of the two proposed classes w...

SBDM discusses results of parent surveys and new club proposals

Kelsi White

November 4, 2011

The Manual Site Based Decision Making (SBDM) council met last Wednesday, Nov. 2, to discuss a parent survey distributed at the previous meeting on Oct. 5, as well as to discuss the proposal for the new “j” club. T...

SBDM meets to discuss reform and new policies

Kelsi White

September 19, 2011

The duPont Manual SBDM (Site-Based Decision Making) council met September 7 to discuss new decisions and policies.Among the issues discussed were the rationale behind the use of graduation cords, presented by Ms. Elizabeth Palm...

SBDM Changes HSU Curriculum

Sean Strain

November 19, 2010

The SBDM council has created  a new High School University curriculum plan that starts with this year’s incoming  Freshmen. Along with mandatory graduation requirements, HSU students will have to complete three years of a...