SBDM approves Expenditure Report for school year

Travis Ryan

The School Based Decision Making Board held their monthly meeting on Wednesday to review various school policies and approve the Expenditure Report from February and March.

New topics for the meeting included the Wellness Policy, Section 7 Allocation, discussion of RAMS days reforms, ACT information, a review of the Co-Op Policy, and new financial details of Project Graduation.

Students had their own opinions about how RAMS days could be fixed. “[RAMS days] should be structured into the schedule differently since it felt like a lot of people didn’t care for the program,” Bricker Oxley (10) said. “It was at the end of the day and everyone just wanted to get out of school.”

Project Graduation is a program organized by the PTSA that collects donations to lessen the expensive graduation costs of students. More information can be found here.

The Expenditure Report, tracking the spending of the school over the past two months, was also approved by the SBDM board with no difficulties.

SBDM meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month in the meeting room. They are open for students, parents, and teachers to attend. Due to Spring Break, the April meeting was held on the second Wednesday of the month while school was in session.