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Manual’s library hosts a book counting contest

The library recently announced a challenge to all students to guess how many books are in the library. Find out all of the details of the contest here.

Staff greets new assistant principal

Boggs’ duties will include overseeing the ECE department as well as the Senior class, and she’ll assist Principal Farmer and Mr. Klingenfus with curriculum and instructional decisions.

Manual’s library will no longer be checking out books this semester

Manual's upcoming renovations will soon make the library completely unusable, but in the meantime, students are still unable to check out books.

How to properly deliver criticism

Criticism is a normal, everyday part of life, but it is important to criticize properly in order to get your message across in the least harmful way.

Manual students on the fence about Trump’s border-focused week

This week, President Trump took to the Oval Office, the U.S.-Mexico border and Twitter to express his frustration with the lack of funding for border security. Here is how Manual students are feeling about Trump's immigration policies.

SBDM plans to change HSU, career pathways

Manual plans to introduce a three-pronged reform to make HSU more unique compared to other college prepatory programs at other JCPS high schools.

A glass half full: Manual’s returning leader

Mr. Darryl Farmer, Manual's newest principal describes his childhood, early education and personal road to administration.

RedEye reviews the biggest stories and moments of 2018

As 2019 begins, the Manual RedEye staff took a look at 2018 in terms of major local and national events as well as the...

Zach Recktenwald: Coming back strong

Zach Recktenwald is Manual's first-string quarterback and a varsity basketball player, but an injury to his back nearly cost him his sports career.

SBDM: Manual’s governing body

Manual relies on their SBDM more so than some other JCPS schools. Check out how.