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Take RedEye’s current events quiz: How much do you really know...

Our quiz will test your knowledge of news events spanning Sept. 2 through Sept. 8.

BHM: Black Student Union provides community at school

The Manual Black Student Union's goal is to create a safe space for students of color and increase intersectionality within the school setting.

Enrichments: Episode 5

In the fifth installment of Enrichments, we cover unions and teachers, but not in the way that you might expect.

Manual AM: Black Student Union

Reporter Jakob Felty reports on the newest club to Manual, the Black Student Union.

The Manual BSU participates in the March on Frankfort

The BSU goes to the Kentucky capital to participate in the March on Frankfort on Wednesday, March 5.

Manual BSU to attend annual March on Frankfort

Learn more about Manual's upcoming field trip held by the Black Student Union.

Manual holds first Black Student Union meeting

A new club at Manual, the BSU, held its first meeting on Monday by presenting its vision and having a guest speaker.