Explainer: NTI advisory days


Infographic made by Liv Bohler.

Liv Bohler

Every full week of NTI, Manual hosts an advisory day that has three full crimson hours within the schedule.

“We felt that it was important to offer the crimson hours day schedule to provide opportunities for socialization, enrichment and/or intervention/remediation for students. At a time such as this, when we are all working from home, building and maintaining relationships among us..and providing extra support is very much needed,” Assistant Principal Paula Boggs said.

Students have the opportunity to catch up on assignments, acquire tutoring, participate in discussions facilitated by teachers and are given the chance to complete student wellness check-ins.

Crimson Hour Schedule

To sign up for the hour plans, google forums are sent out the day before in the “Crimson Hour” google classroom. Each Manual student should have been assigned to the class and are separated by grade level.

“The activities during those crimson hours may change based on the needs of the building/times/students/teacher. but the schedule should remain the same,” Boggs said.

These google forums ask questions pertaining to what activities students plan to partake in so that teachers have an idea of who is coming to their sessions. 

“The student support by content, which allows teachers to provide assistance to students already in their classes, so no prior signup via the google classroom is required. Students will just collaborate with their regular teachers if extra support is needed during the allotted times,” Boggs said.

On advisory days, normal classes are not in session; however, some teachers may still require students to complete some form of check-in in order to account for attendance. 

While on normal school days, class ends at 2:10, the last Crimson Hour starts at 2:15 and extends to 3:15. In addition to this, instead of lunch being from 11:15 to noon, it begins fifteen minutes later and ends at the same time.

The next advisory day is October 20, 2020. 

“This Wednesday’s crimson hours day is one students must sign up for and they have until Tuesday at noon,” Boggs said.