Manual football team maintains win streak against North Hardin


Colin Weaver, Euan Dunn, Sam Frey and Jess Mays cheer on the football team on first down. Photo by Cesca Campisano.

Kaelin Gaydos

Last night, Manual football defeated North Hardin with a final score of 35-7. 

First half:

Despite starting running back, JaWuan Northington (#22, 12) not playing this game, the Crimsons (2-0) looked to maintain their winning streak on Friday after two successful games the past couple of weeks.

The first quarter started with a strong Manual lead. 3 minutes into the game, Curtis Reardon (#2, 12) scored a 42-yard touchdown for the Crimsons, bringing the score to 6-0, after a pass from Darien Wilson (#15, 12). Liam Spurlock (#89, 12) brought the score up to 7-0 after he scored the PAT (point after touchdown).

Later in this quarter, the second touchdown for the Rams was a 1-yard rush brought by Tavon Johnson (#21, 12). A score of 14-0 was maintained the rest of the quarter after Spurlock kicked an extra point.

At the first play in the second quarter, Ramont Townsend (#5, 12) had a 1-yard rush touchdown which was followed by a PAT from Natalie Lowe (#30, 11) for the Crimsons. The score at this time was 21-0.

Halfway through the second quarter, Manual’s Reardon intercepted the ball, which was fumbled and recovered by North Hardin.

The first half ended with a Manual lead of 21-7 after Shaun Boykins (#9, 10) received an 18-yard pass and scored a touchdown for North Hardin. This was followed by an extra point from the Trojans’ Cayden Logsdon (#17, 12).

Second half:

Throughout the third quarter, the score remained the same for North Hardin. 

Wilson scored a 17-yard rush touchdown for Manual in the fourth quarter. A PAT kick from Howard Gant (#6, 11) brought the score up to 26-7.

Later on, Lowe kicked an extra point after Deovante Curtis (#28, 12) scored the final touchdown for Manual which resulted from a 60-yard interception.

The Crimsons will travel to play at Valley next Friday with kickoff at 7.