What are the various magnet booster clubs?


Isabella Bonilla

Magnet booster clubs, like the YPAS Producers, have their own websites or social medias to communicate with other parents.

Isabella Bonilla

There are multiple parent booster clubs at Manual that have helped organize and fundraise special events or awards for students. Sports teams in particular tend to have these groups, which aid in facilitation of team management, banquets, senior nights and similar events. However, many are unaware that some of the magnets themselves have booster clubs.

YPAS, J&C, VA and MST all have parent run organizations, classified as 501 c(3) nonprofits, that provide time, commitment and financial support for the students and staff within their specific magnet. 

The MST Catalysts have been able to launch the Engineering program, purchase classroom resources and recognition awards such as the MST Junior Scholar Awards. Popular fundraisers and events such as trivia night and ice cream socials  have helped strengthen community and raise money for MST. The Catalysts meet once a month and those interested can find more information on their Facebook page.  

The J&C Publishers are also open to any J&C parents and alumni. Membership fees, spirit wear and other proceeds from fundraisers or donations go to paying for field trips, competition fees, awards, materials and senior scholarships. The board meets around eight times per month and those interested can learn more about the Publishers and what they do here

The YPAS Producers’ revenue primarily comes from spirit wear sales, donations, membership dues and other fundraising events. They are the oldest, the largest and arguably most well funded booster club, particularly since YPAS has not received an increase in funds from JCPS since its opening in 1978.

We have also made significant investments in the building at YPAS such as replacing all the seats ($68,000) in the theatre as well as the shell in the theatre ($210,000) because the school did not have the funds to make that investment,” the Producers’ website states

The Producers also have senior scholarships for YPAS students whose parent has held membership for all four years of attendance. Those interested can view the board meetings here

enVISION is the booster club for VA and was started back in 2016. Those interested can join the Facebook group or find their booth alongside other boosters at the beginning of the school year registration. 

Booster clubs have aided in providing students greater opportunities as well as in supporting teachers. Manual is fortunate to have these parent volunteers and this kind of support for its magnets.