January 23rd, 2018
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R/W Week: Get to know your Manual Crimsons

See what the football team has to say ahead of the the big game.

R/W Week 2017: Crimsons prepare for Red/White week 2017

After months of preparation, Manual students finally approach the most important week of October

RedEye reviews the biggest stories of 2016

Read about the events that shaped 2016 around the world, the nation, and the Manual community.

R/W Week 2016: When you love a Bulldog

The inside look on three Male Manual relationships that not a lot of people are aware of.

R/W Week: Teacher Feature

Learn how your teachers participate in the festivities leading up to the Old Rivalry game--from Red/White week veterans to those who are experiencing the rivalry for the first time.

Manual girls meet for Powderpuff game

Manual Powderpuff played last Wednesday as part of the Red/White Week tradition, and the LoverBoyz supported the junior and senior teams.

OPINION: Red/White Week themes should be less repetitive

Red/White Week comes with three yearly theme days and the remaining two change yearly– but this years' twin day and class theme day come as a disappointment to many.

RedEye announces Instagram contest winners

The winners for Redeye's Red/White Week Instagram Contest! Check to see if it's you!

VIDEO: Crimson Carnival

Students try out carnival games and buy snacks to help out Manual clubs.

Red/White Week Day 4: Doomsday

Take a look at some of the highlights from Doomsday as students show off their black attire.