Two new CMA classes plus one possible class may be available next year

Julia Nguyen

Next year, two new Communications/Media Arts classes will be available for students: Editorial Leadership and an internship block. Another possible class for the 2012-2013 school year is Film Studies.

The editorial leadership class will be for editors and producers of Manual publications, such as Manual A.M., the Crimson Record, and One Blue Wall.

“It’s an extra place where leaders of the publications can work and get support from me and the other editors.” Ms. Liz Palmer (CMA) said. Requirements for the class include an adviser’s approval and a position as an editor or producer for a Manual publication.

The Internship class is a class to support students with existing communications internships in Louisville. These students may be able to check out of school and get some professional experience. “I’m hoping to become partners with local publications to provide internships for students,” Ms. Palmer said.

Film studies will be a class where students will criticize great films in history. Ms. Amy Ritchie (English) hopes the class will be available next year. This will be the third year she’s tried to get the class on the schedule. “I teach English and Humanities and they can’t afford to get rid of those classes since a lot of people need to take them,” Ms. Ritchie explained.

The class would be broken into two semesters. “The first semester will be the critical analysis of film history and an overview of groundbreaking films. During the second semester, students will give presentations over a genre or a filmmaker. They’ll basically be teaching the class second semester.” Ms. Ritchie said. The class would be available for 11th and 12th graders with a preference to CMA students.

Students were excited about the new classes. “I think it’d be interesting to learn about the films and I usually don’t have time to watch movies [at home],” Emily Martin (10), who is a fan of watching movies, said.