A Colorful World

Tian Chan

Color is something I see everywhere I look, and something that makes life beautiful. You can start with a basic color like blue, and break it into light blue, dark blue, sky blue, royal blue, baby blue – the possibilities are endless. This goes for any primary color, there are millions and millions of varieties.

When I think of the color pink, I think of happiness and excitement. When I think of the color yellow, thoughts of spring and the hot summer pop into my head. The color white, reminds me of something pure, or clean. Black can symbolize darkness, or strength. Every color evokes different emotions in people’s minds, and can set the mood for any situation.

“My favorite color is pink, and everything in my room is pink. It always cheers me up and everyone recognizes me when I wear it,” Karlee Puckett (12) said. 

Colorful clothes can also express how the person who is wearing them feels. If someone is happy, I would imagine them wearing the light purple, a pastel yellow, or a creamy green. If someone were mad, I would imagine them wearing black, forest green, or navy blue. One single color alone can branch into numerous different divisions and sub-divisions. Some colors are two different colors mixed together. For example, sea-foam green is one of my favorite colors, and I feel it is best described as a light blue and green mixed together. This color is another one that I feel evokes happiness and life.

Everyone, however, has different ways of seeing colors. “Black is such a depressing color and every time I see it, it puts me in a bad mood,” Natalie Bomar (12) said.

Colors can also be modified by adding the word ‘neon’ in front of them. Neon green is completely different from a lime green, India green, or asparagus green. And although these colors sound odd, they are real colors!

When it comes to colors, there are endless possibilities. In this day and age, you can’t just say ‘Oh I bought a orange purse this weekend.’ You must be specific! Pumpkin orange? Persian orange? Colors are beautiful things and we must take advantage of them by acknowledging the uniqueness that each different color holds.