GALLERY: Students participated in Polar Plunge


Many participants dressed up in costumes for their turn to do the polar plunge.

Julia Nguyen

On Saturday, March 1, juniors Hannah Kay, Farren Vaughan, Annie Trentham, Lauren Weihe, Hayden Vinegar, Allie Judge, and Brandt Abrahamson participated in the sixteenth annual Polar Plunge.

“A few months ago, I found out about the Polar Plunge through a few friends who did it last year. So basically, I thought “Why not?” and signed up for it. I had to raise at least $50 for the Special Olympics of Kentucky, which was the organization that hosted it. When the day of the plunge finally arrived, I found out we weren’t actually going to be jumping in the Ohio River because the water level was too high. Instead, there were cold pools set up at the Brown-Forman Amphitheater. When my team and I finally jumped in, the water was so cold that it was hard to think or breathe for a second. But getting in a burning hot tub made it better though.I loved the atmosphere of the whole event. There was a guy who shaved his chest hair into the shape of a bikini top. There were tons of costumes from superheroes to Despicable Me minions. We all looked ridiculous as we jumped into water, but the giving to charity made it so cool.” —Farren Vaughan (11, J&C)