Senior Walk returns to Manual


Raleigh Dixon

The last weeks of school for seniors often flies by in a blur of mixed emotion. Events such as the class trip to Holiday World, graduation practice, and the senior picnic help wind down the year for seniors and offer a reprieve from the dreaded “senioritis.”

 In his first year at Manual, new principal Mr. Mayes has decided to put his stamp on Manual by resurrecting the tradition of the senior walk.

On the last day of school, seniors will spend first block writing notes of gratitude and thanks for their favorite teachers. During second block, the seniors will walk around, deliver the letters and say their final goodbyes.

“I’m actually really excited for it. First of all we get to leave school early on the last day of school. Plus I will be happy for the opportunity to thank all of the teachers that have had such a positive effect on my education,” said Ben Flanigan (12, MST).

Some seniors do not share Mr. Mayes’ sentimentality and do not support the idea.

“I do not understand it that much. I do not think it is really necessary either. It just seems kind of childish. I’m planning on saying good-bye to all of my teachers on my own. This just seems really forced and awkward,” said Kinsey Ball (12, J&C).