Battle of the sexes (on the soccer pitch)


Raleigh Dixon

For years now, the baseball team has had a tradition of playing soccer every Friday during the fall at Manual Stadium before football games. Typically this psuedo-season culminates in a match between the best 11 players the baseball team can field against members of the girls’ soccer team. This year however, that game never happened due to scheduling conflicts. Not wanting to break tradition, the two parties have agreed to play a game once the baseball team’s postseason has concluded.

“I’m looking forward to finally beating the boys. I think the girls are going to show out and surprise everyone. We’ll probably win by two,” said Caroline Folz (12).

The girls’ superior soccer skills and knowledge of the game more than make up for any disadvantages they might have playing against boys who might be bigger or stronger. The result is a slightly competitive yet very jovial atmosphere with both sides giving their best efforts in order to secure bragging rights. This tradition goes back more than four years, and it has fostered an intense desire for victory amongst its participants.

“I honestly can not wait to crush Danielle Bridge’s hopes and dreams into little tiny bite sized pieces,” said Sam Coryell (12). “If I had to predict the final score, I would say Boys 59, Girls -4. And that is just me being honest.”

The game is scheduled for June 3.