A Foreign Affairs Club makes its debut at Manual


Farren Vaughan

The Foreign Affairs Club, new to Manual, held its first meeting today, Feb. 5. Students Ian Johnson (12, J&C) and Robel Abate (12, HSU) started the club to host conversation about international issues and give like-minded students a place to interact.

“We started it because we noticed that when we were all talking after school in the parking lot, a subject that came up a lot was foreign affairs and current events,” Abate said. “So we decided to put the club together.”

Abate said the club is for any kind of student despite whether a student follows news closely or only has a general interest.

The first meeting attracted about 15 people and conversation focused on Iran’s nuclear program negotiations and ISIL.

“We want it to be the first place Manual students turn to for discussions on the topic,” said Abate.

Mr. James Garrett (Social Studies) is the sponsor of the club and meetings are held in his room every Thursday from 2:30-3 p.m.