The Red/White Week Photo Contest

Carolyn Brown

Want to be recognized for your awesome Red/White Week costume?

Starting today, Manual students can submit their own photos from Red/White Week to RedEye’s official Best Of Red/White Week Photo Contest.

2011 Red/White Week

Each day, students can vote for the best costume in each category: Best Pajamas, Best Decade Outfit, Best Halloween Costume, Best Doomsday Outfit, Best Spirit Day Outfit, and Best Overall. Voting will take place until 3 p.m. this Friday, October 28th.

Each winner and runner-up in each category will be published on the front page of RedEye and will receive a $5 iTunes gift card.

Please identify each photo with its category and the subjects’ names and grades as well as a short description of their costumes, e.g. “Fireman: John Smith (12), ballerina: Jane Doe (10), zombie: Joe Schmoe (9),” etc. We cannot use a photo for more than one category. Please submit no more than one photo per category per person.

Email your photos to [email protected] before Friday, October 28th.

Carolyn is a senior in HSU at duPont Manual High School and a staff writer for ManualRedEye.