April’s virtual SBDM meeting reviews FRYSC plans and finances


April’s SBDM meeting, which occurred over Zoom. Photo by Reece Gunther.

EP Presnell

Manual’s first virtual SBDM meeting commenced at 2:07 p.m. after some technical issues and waiting for everyone to join.

After approving the minutes for the two meetings in Feb., Principal Darryl Farmer announced the names of the new teacher and parent representatives who will join the SBDM Committee in July.

Although Mr. Williams (Math) and Mr. Purvis (Math) will have completed their two-year term at the end of June, Ms. Alecia Williams (English) and Mr. Brian Hinds (YPAS) will take their places.

Furthermore, Kim Ryan will take Marian Vasser’s place as a parent representative.

Next on the agenda, Principal Farmer presented the Manual and YPAS carryover budgets.

YPAS has $16,084 dollars which will be used for instructional supplies, new equipment and other purposes such as summer printing costs, bus maintenance and bus fuel.

Furthermore, Manual has $120,000 to spend on instructional supplies, new equipment and furniture, building modifications and renovation incidentals.

Among the $120,000, $30,000 will be used for building modifications which include putting a wall in room 134, Ms. Moore’s room, to create a classroom and the Family Resource Youth Services Center (FRYSC). In addition, a FRYSC coordinator will be hired.

Dr. Robin Weiss, a parent representative, expressed concern over how big both room 134 and the FRYSC will be once a wall divides room 134, but Farmer believes both rooms will have a sufficient amount of space.

“It will be adequate. They will not be going in a closet by any stretch. They will have more room than the AP office,” Principal Farmer said.

When discussing the Manual expenditures, Principal Farmer said he is discussing with Ms. Mattingly and the class of 2020 officers what to do with the money for senior activities as well as the money raised in the Staff For A Day fundraiser.

If possible, the money will be refunded to the students that won the bidding. Otherwise, it will be at the discretion of the senior class officers in conjunction with Manual’s administration.

Mr. Farmer also addressed his intentions to work with Ms. Mattingly, one of the senior class sponsors, to find out what will happen to the money originally allocated for end of year activities (including prom, the Kings Island trip, etc.). He said some events may be moved to a new date, if possible, or money could be refunded to the senior class or it could be donated to the school.

While the YPAS expenditures were approved during this meeting, the committee decided to push approving Manual’s expenditures to the next meeting due to its length and a clerical error that didn’t allow members to see it before the meeting.

After discussing SBDM training for the next school year, the meeting adjourned at 2:52.