October spooky movie calendar

Thirty days of spooky movies

Mya Cummins

Designed by Mya Cummins and Molly Gregory

Here is a carefully crafted calendar consisting of great spooky-ish, Halloween-ish, creep-ish movies. As the month goes on the movies get spookier. Good luck making it to the end!

1st: Halloween Town Marathon

The movies I chose to start October’s Spooky Movie Calendar are the Halloween Town movies. While I wouldn’t necessarily consider this series spooky, it’s a classic Disney Channel Original that everyone should watch at least twice in their life. I made sure to include the word “marathon” because if you don’t watch all the four movies in one sitting, you’re just not doing it right and probably won’t have the stamina to tackle the rest of the movie calendar.

For the people who haven’t seen Halloween Town (a.k.a have never experienced true cinematic beauty), the story is based around Marnie, a curious thirteen-year-old girl, her two siblings and their grandmother. After their grandmother visits them on Halloween, they decide to follow her home and discover Halloween Town, a place where spooky Halloween creatures live in peace. But something dark is beginning to surface in the town…

2nd: Beetlejuice

When a family moves into a haunted mansion, they seek help from a ghost called Beetlejuice, who loves to crack jokes and cause chaos. Beetlejuice is played by Michael Keaton, who executes the role flawlessly.

3rd: Mostly Ghostly

When Nicky and Tara come home from a walk to find a whole new family living in their house, they come to the sudden realization that they’ve turned into ghosts. The only person that can see them is Max, a teenager who aspires to become a magician and just like in any classic 2000’s movie, wants his crush to notice him. This dynamic trio takes on the school talent show, while also single-handedly preventing evil spirits from taking over the world.

4th: Scooby-Doo! and the Witch’s Ghost

The Gang ( a group of meddling kids and their talking dog) gets invited to a fall festival by a famous horror writer. Once at the festival, they find that the town seems to be haunted by a witch. Not to mention The Hex Girls perform a musical number that will be stuck in your head for a week.

5th: The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is hilarious. You should especially watch it if you ever plan on going to Disney World and going on the Haunted Mansion ride. The movie is very funny and heartfelt, I would definitely recommend it for a family movie night.

While taking his family on a vacation, Jim Evers, a hardworking real estate agent, finds himself in a mansion trying to convince the owner to sell it. Quickly after arriving, his family discovers the mansion is haunted and has to find a way to break a curse.

6th: The Addams family

If you’ve never heard of The Addams Family, I have one question: how big is the rock that you live under? The Addams are a strange family, originally created as a satire of the ideal American household. In the film, the family welcomes home a long lost relative, who is actually out to get the family fortune and the Addams have to think diligently to save it.

7th: Ghostbusters

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! This film stars Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray, who play scientists that lose their jobs as professors. The group decides to go into business at “ghostbuster,” capturing ghosts for money. However, after finding a portal to another dimension, the ghostbusters find themselves heavily invested in the job.

8th: Hotel Transylvania

This movie has Andy Samberg, Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez in it. I feel like that was a good enough description of the movie, but I’ll give a small summary too. Hotel Transylvania is run by Dracula and one weekend he gathers some old monster friends to celebrate his daughter Marvis’ birthday. However, a human stumbles in, interrupts the weekend and Dracula has to find a way to cover it up.

9th: Twitches

Two twins who were separated at birth are reunited on their 21st birthday. The twins find out they have superpowers and decide to search for their birth mom, hoping for answers.  The girls end up coming together in attempts to save their kingdom from darkness.

10th: Girl vs Monster

Skylar Lewis, a fearless young girl, finds out that her parents are monster hunters. Skylar discovers her calling as she tries to save her parents, who have been captured by monsters.

11th: Rocky Horror Film Show

Rocky Horror Film Show is all kinds of chaotic but entertaining nonetheless. It starts with a couple getting a flat tire and winding up at the door steps of  Dr. Frank-n-Furter’s mansion. If you love vibrant energy shown through singing and dancing, then you’re going to love this movie.

12th: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skeleton lives in a world where it’s Halloween everyday. Everyone else except for his friend Sally seems perfectly content. One day, Jack finds a portal that takes him to a town where it’s Christmas everyday. Jack tries to be part of the Christmas spirit, but things go horribly wrong.

13th: Hocus Pocus

Max and Dina are two teenagers who move to Salem. After trying to adjust to their new home, they accidentally raise a trio of evil witches from the dead.  They have to try to prevent these witches from becoming immortal before it’s too late.

14th: The Corpse Bride

Victor and Emily’s families had organized an arranged marriage for them. Before the wedding, Victor goes into the forest to practice his wedding vows and finds himself in the land of the dead. Before long, he ends up married to Victoria, a bride who had been killed on the day of her wedding. Victor has to find a way to get back to the land of the living before Emily marries someone else.

15th: Frankenweenie

Victor had one good friend: his dog. But after his dog passed away, Victor starts searching for ways to raise the dead. When Victor becomes successful, his fellow classmates decide to use his idea on their dead pets too. However, raising pets from the dead turns out not to be such a good idea.

16th: Coraline

This movie scared me to my core when I was younger, so I thought it fitting to add to the calendar. Coraline, a mischievous young girl, moves into a house and finds a portal to another dimension. Everything in the other dimension seems the exact same but better, even her mom. The only difference is that everyone has buttons for eyes. Her “other mother” tries to get Coraline to stay in the new dimension forever but Coraline finds out something is very wrong.

17th: Carrie

Carrie, a senior in high school, is an oddball that never seems to fit in due to her strict upbringing. Carrie discovers she has supernatural powers and begins to experiment with them. After being asked to the prom, things end up badly.

18th: Scream

Scream is a slasher horror movie that follows a masked killer playing a cat-and-mouse game with teenagers. This is a good horror movie if you don’t really like the horror genre, because it has the jump scares and the mystery, but at times it’s kind of laughable.

19th: The 6th Sense

The 6th Sense is probably one of the more spooky movies on the calendar. It follows a child psychologist, Malcom Crowe, and his relationship with Cole Sear, a boy who claims he can see ghosts. This movie is creepy but heart-warming and has one huge plot twist.

20th: Edward Scissor Hands

Starring Johnny Depp as Edward Scissor Hands, this movie follows an outcast with a big heart who also happens to have scissors as hands. Edward is taken in by a suburban family and falls in love with one of the daughters. Edward tries to navigate through life looking scary and never feeling completely accepted.

21st: Psycho

This movie takes place in a hotel run by a mother and son. The movie begins with a girl running away to her boyfriend after robbing her workplace. She stops at a hotel, where things seem off. The movie has the notorious shower scene and some great plot twists.

22nd: Friday the 13th (original)

This is a classic “Oh no, don’t open up the closet door!” type of movie. It takes place at a camp that the locals claim is haunted, due to the many unfortunate events that had happened there.  The rumors were brushed off by the camp counselors who were staying there for the camps reopening, however, the locals may be right about the cursed camp.

23rd: Sleepy Hollow

Johnny Depp plays Ichabod Crane, a detective who was sent to investigate the murders that have been happening in Sleepy Hollow. The locals tell him that it was the headless horseman who haunts the town, but  Crane refuses to believe that. I can’t think of  a better movie to watch during Halloween than one about a classic ghost story.

24th: It

This is a horror/thriller movie that I think could also be described as a coming of age movie in a weird way. It takes place in a small town in Maine, where Pennywise, a shape-shifting demon, comes out of the sewer every 27 years to snatch children. A group of kids band together with a goal to stop Pennywise.

25th: Halloween

This  is definitely one of the more obvious choices for the spooky movie calendar. Michael Myers, a psychopath who had been imprisoned for 15 years for killing his sister, breaks out of a cop car while being transported to his court hearing. Michaels Myers decides to return back to his home town to find new victims.

26th: The Exorcist

After a girl starts acting strange, her mother looks for medical help, but is unsuccessful. A local priest believes that the girl might be possessed by the devil. This movie is seriously twisted and freaky but it’s a must-watch horror movie.

27th: Poltergeist

A family finds that ghost are communicating with them through the television and what starts out as friendly takes a dark turn. The youngest of the family, Carol Ann, goes missing. The family calls upon a parapsychologist and an exorcist for help.

28th: Us

The movie follows a mom and her family on vacation. While on vacation, the mom revisits childhood trauma and soon after doppelgangers come to take their place. The movie has some huge plot twists, and throughout the whole movie, your jaw is dropped. There’s definitely some deeper meaning behind it all and the director purposely left some questions unanswered that will keep you thinking for weeks to come.

29th: The Shining

The Shining, which was originally a book, stars Jack Nicholson, who plays hotel care-taker Jack Torrance. Jack lives at the remote hotel with his family and soon goes mad as he discovers it’s haunted.

30th: The Conjuring

A husband and wife move into an old farm house with their five kids and as time goes on they begin to think the house is haunted. The family calls up two paranormal investigators to check it out. This movie is all kinds of creepy and just might leave you sleeping with a nightlight for the next year or two.

31st: Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin

I thought it fitting for this to be THE movie you watch on Halloween. Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin is such a nostalgic movie for everyone and easy to watch no matter what we find ourselves doing this Halloween.