Mask fashion at Manual

Isaac Barnett

Because of this year’s mask mandate at Manual, many students have been getting creative with the way they incorporate a mask into their outfits.

According to a poll on RedEye’s Instagram, 170 of the 380 Manual students who responded try to coordinate their masks with their outfits when going to school. Manual students from all different magnets and grades responded to the poll and many of them had different experiences that got them interested in fashion.

Kaavya Thirumurugan (10, MST) has been into fashion for her whole life, “I’ve always been into fashion since I was a little kid. It’s just always been a big part of my life and who I am,” Thirumurugan said.

Demi Handley (12, YPAS) has also had a love for fashion from a young age and recently designed her own prom dress.

“I’ve just always had a pull to fashion of all sorts. For the fake prom this year I made my own dress, I’ve just always loved it,” Handley said.

One student was inspired by fashion influencers on the internet.

“I saw lots of videos about it and I was just like, I want to be like those people. I always had a liking for dressing up, so I think fashion has always been with me,” Flor Guevara (10, J&C) said.

YPAS student Joshua Stokes (11) got his love for fashion from his parents.

“It was just something I caught onto. My parents kinda molded me into having a sort of cleanliness and awareness of what I was wearing and how I wore it and what it meant,” Stokes said.

Other students just use fashion as a way to express themselves and have some fun.

“It’s just kind of always been something fun, like with dance costumes and everything. I just really like getting to pick what I wear and choose a color scheme and all of that,” Eleanor Peterson (10, YPAS) said.