Manual RedEye

Homegrown Art Show


January 28, 2011

Visual art seniors host "Homegrown" in the Norma E. Brown gallery. Read More »...

Basement Films: Something Different for Everyone

Sean Strain

January 12, 2011

Is Black Swan obscure enough to blog about? No, pretty much a large portion of people have seen this move. Do I want to blog about it? Yes, and I think I can do with this blog as I please. Plus, I am not hipster enough for ever...

New Art Show on Display: The String Theory


December 14, 2010

The Norma E. Brown Gallery opened on December 9 for the second senior VA art show of the year: The String Theory. The show is open until the end of the current semester, displaying the work of seniors Rachel Doda, Marco Guzman,...

Audio Slideshow: Eclectic House

Patty Gray

March 6, 2010

Audio slideshow of Visual Art students preparing for their art show on January 27 in the Norma E. Brown Gallery. Read More »...